Tuesday, December 1, 2020

FreedomSoft Review | 30-Day Free Trial

FreedomSoft Review 30 Day Free Trial

Rob Swanson shows the real estate investor community how FreedomSoft can help them get hot seller leads and use them smarter. This includes quickly finding comparable sales, estimating repair costs and much more.

This program is an invaluable asset to wholesaling investors, rehab investors, buy and hold investors and other property investors - and offers a 30-day money back guarantee!


Real estate investing can be highly profitable. A REI software such as FreedomSoft can give you a competitive edge and help you succeed, regardless of how long you have been in business. As a beginner in this field, an REI software like FreedomSoft will make life much simpler while keeping you organized - designed specifically to facilitate wholesaling (buying properties at discounted prices and assigning them quickly to buyers at higher costs for an ongoing profit margin).

The software includes an extensive database of motivated seller leads and an email marketing system, as well as a property valuation tool to assist with property evaluation. Furthermore, its automatic property data retrieval from public records saves both time and helps avoid overpaying for properties.

Real estate investor software includes a website builder to help create custom-branded websites for your business, helping attract more clients while strengthening your brand. Furthermore, its mobile app gives you access to your business no matter where life takes you.

FreedomSoft not only offers lead generation features, but it also has many other tools that can make running your business more efficient - from property valuation tools and mobile apps to contact management systems - making the software ideal for both beginning investors and experienced traders alike - it is quick and simple to learn!

FreedomSoft stands out with its automated skip tracing capability, eliminating the need for third-party services. It can trace up to 100 addresses at once using an advanced search algorithm with triangulation for better accuracy, list management features to make prospect management simpler, as well as social media integration that allows you to post directly on Facebook and Twitter from its software platform.


FreedomSoft is a real estate investor software program designed to expand businesses. It includes features that enable investors to close deals more quickly and more efficiently; additionally, its built-in website captures leads and makes managing them simpler; its monthly pricing plans range from $197/mo Start plan up to $297/mo Grow plan; plus it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee!

Software designed for multiple niches and uses, with numerous integrations. Its lead swiper enables users to pull leads from Zillow and Craiglist listing sites; CRM; property valuation tool; direct mail campaigns with 49 wholesale real estate postcard and letter templates available, plus pre-scheduled automated emails are just some of its capabilities.

FreedomSoft system makes deal analysis and reports an integral component, making it easy for users to quickly locate motivated sellers and close deals faster. The software identifies property type, price range and estimated repairs of an individual property while providing detailed maps. All this information serves as an invaluable asset for investors as they save both time and effort in finding motivated sellers for deals they are considering investing in.

FreedomSoft software can be an invaluable asset to real estate investors, but it is important to remember that it should only serve as a tool and not a panacea. Putting FreedomSoft into action means growing your business; otherwise it risks becoming another "bright shiny object syndrome." Don't get fooled into believing this fancy piece of software will run your entire seven-figure real estate operation while you relax on a Hawaiian beach!

Are You Searching for Reliable Software Solutions that Will Increase Your Deals? FreedomSoft may be the perfect answer! Thousands of investors have used FreedomSoft's software to find low-cost income properties across the country. On average, FreedomSoft users close a sale every three hours thanks to its lead generation tools; its 30-Day Risk-Free Trial can make an impressionive first impression.


FreedomSoft provides real estate investors with a powerful edge for success in real estate investing, offering them all-in-one solutions that help automate their entire business, from finding deals to closing them. It has built-in deal analyzers, comps analysis tools, repair estimator tools, document and offer generators, digital signature systems, digital signature capture features and much more - though before making your decision make sure that all features and prices meet your criteria before purchasing this software.

FreedomSoft software provides real estate investors with a number of solutions, including wholesaling. Wholesaling involves purchasing homes at discounted prices and then selling them for profit to other investors - an efficient and relatively low risk strategy compared to other forms of real estate investing. FreedomSoft also features website builders and automated property valuation software that can give an estimate of current market values of homes; additionally it has a CRM feature to keep track of properties you are working on.

FreedomSoft's software is user-friendly and tailored to all types of investors - from novice to veteran traders alike. Plus, with a 30-day money back guarantee included in every plan purchase, you have ample opportunity to explore whether or not investing with FreedomSoft is worthwhile.

FreedomSoft makes finding quality leads easier by giving access to millions of motivated seller leads with effective follow up and marketing tools, as well as detailed maps and property valuation software, making it simple for real estate investors to locate properties for investment purposes.

FreedomSoft makes life easy by connecting to your mobile phone so you can receive text message notifications whenever a lead is added - an incredible time saver which enables quick responses from potential sellers and allows for customized SMS messaging as well as tracking responses in order to fine-tune marketing strategy.


Freedomsoft Real Estate Investor Software can bring many advantages. From helping novice investors compete successfully in an extremely competitive real estate market to keeping track of progress and staying organized, its functionality makes this an invaluable tool. However, some considerations must be kept in mind before beginning its use.

FreedomSoft provides numerous marketing tools to promote your business. With its built-in lead intake form and two-way SMS messaging for follow ups, FreedomSoft is ideal for real estate wholesalers and investors who need to ensure that leads receive messages. Plus, FreedomSoft boasts a mobile app so you can stay in contact with leads on the go!

The platform also boasts a database of over 3 million property owners. With its skip tracing function, its skip tracing tool helps locate motivated sellers and private investors nearby as well as absentee, tax delinquent, out of state owners - as well as providing an instantaneous "find the owner button."

Additionally, it features property valuation software that assists in estimating a property's potential and estimated repair costs - data you can then use to calculate ROI from investments made or properties bought and sold. This tool is especially beneficial to investors planning on flipping properties.

This software is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, making it simple for you to manage your real estate business from any location. It comes equipped with a CRM for managing real estate investments and team members; automate tasks such as sending emails and creating reports; as well as save you money on phone and postal charges by connecting to a VoIP service.

The company offers a free trial period to give customers an opportunity to test out its software before purchasing it, with an in-house support team available 24/7 and training videos that help explain how best to utilize its features.

Grow your real estate investing business with the best CRM software for wholesaling houses. You will have more freedom when you are able to outsource most of your wholesaling business to real estate virtual assistants. FreedomSoft gives you the ability to do so.

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