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How To Find Motivated Seller Leads Fast

How To Find Motivated Seller Leads Fast

Many factors could prompt a property owner to sell, such as loss of income, divorce proceedings or the need to move. Common factors that trigger property sales include divorce proceedings, failed investments and financial issues as well as the desire for change or relocation.

Finding ways to reach out directly to property owners is the key. By making use of public records and the internet, you can compile lists of prospective property owners before initiating a direct mail campaign with follow ups at scheduled intervals.


Real estate investors can identify motivated seller leads using different techniques, but one of the most effective is networking and building relationships with potential sellers. This can be accomplished through local realtors, lenders, appraisers and other real estate professionals; by networking and developing relationships with these people you may learn of any properties for purchase or sale that may become available in the near future.

Motivated seller leads can also be found at real estate auctions, which are held by creditors or owners looking for quick ways to unload properties that often sell below market value, providing an ideal opportunity for you to strike a bargain deal.

As part of their Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Zillow and Trulia offer additional ways for you to identify motivated seller leads through expired listings that have previously been unsuccessful at selling through traditional methods - these expired listings provide insight into whether a homeowner would accept cash offers instead. Furthermore, websites like these also have features to assist in the identification of motivated sellers, such as neighborhood overlays that provide information like crime rates and schools attendance levels as well as home price comparisons or an inventory of homes recently sold.

Financial strain can be an inducement to sell property, and public records and notices will provide insight into such properties. This may be caused by missed mortgage or tax payments, personal debts, job relocation expenses or any number of financial concerns unrelated to the actual home itself.

Probate properties provide another avenue for motivated seller leads. As these individuals often need to sell quickly, they are likely to accept one of the first offers they receive and accept one quickly.

bankruptcy can also serve as a powerful incentive for sellers, as this legal process allows individuals to pay off their debts by liquidating assets. Bankruptcy filing can provide sellers with an effective method for purchasing properties below market value when filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an option for the property owner.


Real estate investors often look at local market conditions to identify motivated sellers. If unemployment levels are high in your area or an unfavorable economy is creating stress among its citizens, people may become more motivated to move into new homes, downsize, or sell their current properties quickly for cash. Finding these motivated sellers could provide great investment properties.

Find motivated sellers using online FSBO sites, county and city inspectors and title companies. Online FSBO sites can be especially helpful in discovering properties listed but not sold yet; such properties could potentially be distressed homes priced below their true market value.

City and county inspectors conduct regular property checks to make sure properties comply with standards, including zoning violations, illegal additions and failing septic systems. With their information you could uncover property owners who need to sell quickly due to multiple liens on their properties or who face foreclosure proceedings.

Another method of finding motivated sellers is visiting your county and city records website and searching property addresses. This will bring up all the owners for that address and allow you to reach out directly. Simply contact them and ask if they would consider selling. If you want something specific in mind, use your contact form accordingly and specify it when sending.

Real estate investors can quickly locate motivated sellers by searching property data on websites such as MLS, Trulia and Zillow. These platforms enable investors to search properties by owner, price range and features such as pools. Furthermore, these tools also include tools for finding foreclosures as well as properties listed below their listing price or neighborhoods with crime map overlays.

REISift provides real estate investors with tools specifically tailored towards finding motivated seller leads and crafting marketing campaigns. Once you have an extensive list of motivated seller leads, it's essential that you establish rapport and show them that you can solve their issues, in order to establish trusting long-term business relationships.

Inherited or Probate Sellers

Real estate motivated sellers are individuals or entities looking to sell their property quickly at an equitable price and under favorable terms. Such sellers can come from various backgrounds including foreclosure, inheritance or probate sales, bankruptcy proceedings or even non-owner occupied landlords.

Finding motivated seller leads can be challenging, but with the proper strategy it can be done. One effective approach to doing so is networking with inspectors, contractors, and city officials who regularly inspect homes for violations in terms of zoning codes or septic system requirements that may compel owners to sell.

Searching real estate websites such as Zillow that pull data directly from the Multiple Listing Service can also help find motivated seller leads, providing access to properties not listed but still available for buyers. Furthermore, public records allow you to identify property owners and contact them directly by phone or email.

Apart from these methods, one of the best ways to find motivated sellers is by researching local courthouse probate listings. Probate involves the transfer of property from deceased individuals to their heirs or beneficiaries after death and many of these beneficiaries may be willing to sell property at wholesale prices due to financial considerations or because they need money quickly from an inheritance.

Real estate investors should keep in mind that homeowners in bankruptcy may be highly motivated to sell their properties, with Chapter 7 bankruptcy being an indicator of this motivation as it involves liquidating all their assets to pay off debts - this makes them more likely to accept lowball offers from you than someone who's trying to repay debt with regular payments.

As you build your list of motivated seller leads, make sure that there is an efficient system in place for following up with them. Otherwise, your time may be wasted by calling on people who no longer qualify or who have sold their property!


Real estate investors can gain an edge by targeting motivated sellers and purchasing properties below market value at prices below their market value. Motivated sellers may need to sell due to financial distress or costly repairs requiring too much attention; plus they have the advantage of quickly closing so as to start earning rental income right away.

Financially-motivated sellers include pre foreclosure properties, homeowners with high equity and those who have declared bankruptcy. There may also be other reasons for selling their properties such as divorce, job relocation and inheritance.

Finding motivated sellers requires various tactics: driving around neighborhoods in search of "For Sale By Owner" signs or working with an investor-friendly realtor who may have access to off-market properties; using real estate lead generation software like BatchLeads allows you to search properties based on 300+ data points such as pre foreclosure, bankruptcy and probate status as indicators that a seller might be open to selling for less.

Finding and connecting with motivated sellers requires time and effort, but the results can be rewarding. By taking advantage of an ideal opportunity, you could acquire single-family and small multifamily properties at a fraction of their after-repair values.

Negotiating with financially-motivated sellers requires making an offer that makes sense for their situation and preferences, whether that be cash or seller financing allowing them to sell their home and pay off debt simultaneously.

No matter their reason for selling, many homeowners are highly motivated to sell because they simply can't afford the payments on two properties. Real estate investors have an incredible opportunity to buy properties far below their after-repair value and fix them before renting them out for significant profits - using these 10 techniques (plus one bonus tip) is essential part of any real estate investing strategy.

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